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Hybrid CLS PRO Polishing Pads . Description. Sintered resin bond diamond disc with colour coded QRS and special centering button. Application. Wet and dry grinding and polishing of different stone types, such as granite, hard marble, concrete and terrazzo.

The Flower Resin Pads have a unique pattern that create a smoother polish. These resin pads can create high quality shine on concrete floors, natural stone, granite, engineered or manufactured stone, quartz surfaces, marble, terrazzo and porcelain tile or slab. Grit: 30, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000. Materials: Marble, Granite, Concrete.

Using resin grinding pads as the last steps of polishing to achieve a high degree of shine and reflectivity on your surface. For concrete honing and polishing, hybrid bond and ceramic bond pads are recommended for 50, 100, 200 grits for their longer lifetime. Fast Shipping: We will dispatch all items on same or the next business day.

Hand Grinding Tools 5" Hybrid Edge Pads. SASE Hybrid Edge pads can eliminate steps saving time and money. Easily transition from metals to resins either at 80 or 100 grit steps. For use with the SASE SC50 and other industry 5" hand grinders.

1 to 15 of 15 results. Resin Bundle Promo Package - Set from 50 to 1500 Grit. Price: $890.00 + GST. More. Qty: Triangular Resin Pads. Price: $29.00 + GST.

These Diamond resin floorpolishing pads are specifically designed for concrete. Our line of pads can handle both soft and hard concrete without resin transfer or swirls. Our choice resins will provide aggressive polishing right up to a professional finish.

Step 1 : coarse metal grinding For concrete coarse grinding, you can use metal diamond pads to grind from grits such as 6#/16# or 25#/30# to srart on your floors. Step 2 : transitional resin hybrid/ ceramic pads For fast moving the scatches on the floors after coarse metal grinding.

5" Resin Bond Diamond Pad Blue - 200 grit. Used to remove 100 grit scratches. SC50.500243. 5" Resin Bond Diamond Pad Red - 400 grit. Typically used as the last step before dye and densifier are applied. SC50.500244. 5" Resin Bond Diamond Pad White - 800 grit. Provides high shine, often the last step in polishing of retail stores. SC50.500245.

Hybrid Resins grind almost as aggressively as metal bond diamonds, however the scratch pattern is less aggressive. In some cases they eliminate the need for metal bond diamonds and in all cases they make the transition to resin polishing faster and more efficient.

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1.4 Resin-metal hybrid bond concrete grinding pads This kind of grinding pads is mainly made of resin bond and assisted by metal bond and diamond powder. Its purpose is to have the good wear resistance of metal bond grinding pad and good finish of resin bond polishing pad, improving the working efficiency.

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Home / Shop / Tooling / Diamond Tooling / Floor Grinder Tooling / Polishing Resins Polishing Resins. PUCKS. HAND PADS. BURNISHING PADS. Showing all 6 results. Diamond Tooling Polishing Pads: Hybrid Metallic $ 18.00 per pad Select options. Cup Wheels & Edging Honeycomb Pads┃7″ $ ...

Resin and copper hybrid bond agent can contribute to the sharpness and life. Also the copper and resin hybrid will be helpful for dry grinding.A hybrid diamond polishing pad is one of the transitional polishing tools between metal bond polishing pads and resin bond polishing pads.As a whole, this hybrid bond agent makes the grinding efficiency and service life greatly improved, …

Hybrid floor polishing pads are originally designed for cutting or grinding a bad polish job off and leaving the floor without ugly scratches that damaged the original polishing project. Hybrid floor polishing pads work well dry.

These ProCrete Resources Semi Metallic Hybrid Resin Beveled Pads are a combination of resin and metal. These pads are designed to cut like a metal bond diamond but able to be forgiving like a resin. This pad has a beveled edge which helps aid the machine when going over joints.

Resin and Resin Metal Hybrid polishing buttons available in grits ranging from 50G to 3000G. All are velcro mounted for speed and convenience, they are suitable for fitment to most grinding machines that operate at the correct speed. Options …

Hybrid Polishing Pads With Velcro Backing for Concrete Terrazzo; ... It is commonly used in the first few steps of the surface perparation process that after the metal grinding steps and before transition to resin polishing steps. And it can greatly reducing polishing progress time and achieve high shine polishing result.

Description. A great new addition to the DiamaPro Systems' Precision Diamond Tooling Line! DT-H20PUCKs are designed for wet use as resins and hybrids for polishing. Ideal for any jobsite, including those running grinders wet, as well as power trowels. These diamonds are available in 30, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, and 3000 grit.

These ProCrete Resources Semi Metallic Hybrid Resin Pads-Metal Grain are a blend of resin and metal grain. These pads are designed to cut like a metal bond diamond but able to be forgiving like a resin. The pads are excellent for getting out scratches and helping transition between the metal and resin steps.

Semi-metallic WET floor pads. 3" x 9mm. Available in 30, 50, 100, and 200 grit. These imbedded segment hybrid resin pads are very aggressive and are great for transitioning between metal and resin steps. For concrete and terrazzo.

5 inch Diamond floor polishing pads resin hybrid grinding disc. 1. Available Size: 3 inch (80 mm), 4 inch (100mm), 5 inch (125mm). 2. Application: Specially use for processing of granite, concrete, marble and stones in various shape. Also for the maintaining repairing …

Product Qualities - Traditional long life pattern of resin pads - Large channels for dust evacuation - Extra thick segments Materials - Concrete Floors - Natural stone - Granite - Engineered or Manufactured Stone - Quartz surfaces - Marble - Terrazzo - Porcelain Tile Addional Information - Female hook & loop backin

Hybrid & Resin Pads for Concrete. Diamond resin bond floor polishing pads, including ceramic and metal hybrids, ideal for polishing and light grinding of concrete floors, edges and concrete countertop surfaces. Sort by.